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About Us

We are a trusted fence contractor in Rockford, and we see to it that we preserve the trust that property owners grant unto us. Throughout the years, we work hard in maintaining the quality of our work to make sure that people and businesses in Rockford are safe within their fences. We have been building fences in Rockford over the last 2 decades.

As fence builders in Rockford, it is our duty to deliver the best quality of safety that we can provide. We take responsibility in giving the property owners the privacy and security that they deserve through our fences. Our mission and commitment is to make the best fences that can fit every yard.

To continuously be the best fencing company in Rockford, we never compromise quality. We take pride in our products and we are confident that our fences will not let our clients down. Our fences go under thorough quality check to make sure that everything is at par with standards. Property owners depend on the capacity of our fences for security, and it is imperative to not fail them.

With our 20 years of experience in building fences, we can assure you that we know how to do the job quick and well. We have made thousands of fences for different spaces, ranging from residential areas, to commercial establishments, fields, events, and even industrial areas. Our two decades of experience as The Rockford Fence company, can guarantee you that we have the ability to make all kinds of fences, numerous maintenance works, and even challenging repairs.

Every client is important. The size of the project is not a significant factor for us. No matter how big or how small the client is, we ensure that we provide the exact quality of service. It is of utmost importance for us to pay attention to everything that has to do with your fences. Rest assured that we will assist you from inquiry to completion with supreme patience and hard work.

Our team is made up of highly able and competent professionals. Everyone went through systematic screening to make sure that they are capable of fitting into the team. It is our belief that our people are our strength. To keep them always empowered, we facilitate their growth through seminars and training. Aside from that, we ensure their best well-being through regular monitoring.

But because we acknowledge that we are not perfect, we make sure to encourage positive feedback from our people and our clients. Over the years. we are witnesses how working on our weaknesses helped us be the best here in Rockford.  Not only that it benefitted us as the company, but employees as well, learned to welcome constructive criticisms. Everyone grew and improved over the course of doing it. 

Despite being the best, we vow to continuously innovate. We vow to work hard to make sure that we are making and installing top notch fences for you. Your safety is our mission. Your satisfaction is our goal.