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Since baseball and softball are sports that are well-received by fans, it is guaranteed that stadiums and bleachers are always filled with big crowds. Whether major or minor, baseball leagues are surefire fan magnet. With big audience attendance, it is very important to secure that everyone is safe within the premises.

We highly recommend baseball and softball fields to install back stop fences. These are very useful in preventing anyone, including players, coaches, spectators, from getting hurt. There are different types of backstop fences to ensure that each corner of the field remain as safe as possible.

These backstop fences types include:

  1. Protective Fence for Spectators

This type of backstop fence safeguards the audience from any possible danger like flying balls. The size of this fence is 50 mm long and 2.4 meters high.

  1. Protective Fence for the Player Bench

The dimensions of this backstop fence are also 2.44 meters high and 50 mm wide. It ensures that the space allocated for players and the dugout are well-protected.

  1. Outfield Fence

This fence surrounds the other parts of the field. The dimensions are 50 mm and 2.4 meters. It is installed with a ground clearance of 25.4 mm.

  1. Backstop Fencing

This type of backstop fence ensures that high flying balls stay within the field. It is the tallest among all the types at 4.88 meter. This one is curved at the top and is typically placed in the back end to serve as barrier. The curve serves the purpose of guaranteeing that balls don’t fly over the fence.

Normally, back stop fences are made of chain links for an unhindered view of the field for the fans to enjoy. However, we still offer another option which is the vinyl coated fabric. Backstops are typically silver metal, but we let our clients to modify the color.

Back Stops Installation Rockford