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To maximize space and to make every corner as functional as possible, it is necessary to utilize cages and enclosures. Apart from making good use of space, cages and enclosures also ensure that things remain in order and safe within the designated space. Listed below are the different types of cages and enclosures that we offer our clients.

For dogs who are living in the yard, this is perfect in ensuring that they are protected from harm especially during their unguarded moments. Getting them a kennel, will secure them from stray animals and other possible hazard that may hurt them.

  • Safety Enclosure

Meanwhile, this type is typically used in trampolines. Although trampolines are safe when there is only one person in it, the real danger lies is when there is more than one person on the trampoline at a time. When more than one person jumps on the trampoline in succession, it is likely for people to fall of it. To lessen the chance of it occurring, safety enclosures are very helpful.

  • Batting Cages

This type of enclosure is usually used to practice batting skills which is handy in baseball and softball. It confines the ball within the designated space to keep the players from constantly running after the ball. It is vital for batting cages to be durable since a ball hit by a bat is likely to be impactful. If the material used is not as good quality, the net will need frequent replacement which can be a hassle.

  • Tool and Equipment Cages

Construction companies typically use this type of enclosure to safekeep their tools and equipment. Since equipment and tools are expensive, companies look for enclosures which are easy to dismantle and yet secure. Here at the Fence Company Rockford, we can guarantee that all the materials are high quality which can endure all kinds of impact.

Cages & Enclosures Installation Rockford