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Sometimes, just plainly installing a fence is not enough. For people who values their privacy above all, they put high importance in installing fences which are private. If you identify yourself with this type of preference, we recommend the Cedar wood fence for you. Among all our products, this fence is one of the best in terms of giving the best cover.

What makes this type of fence private is the structure. The Cedar wood fence is composed of wood planks which leaves no gaps in between. At the same time, this fence is very tall to keep the property owners invisible while enjoying their yards. Apart from the utmost privacy that it can give, what clients also love about this is that it is very durable and can last up to a decade, which makes it the ultimate deal.

The Cedar wood fence comes in two types: The Shadowboxing and the Standard Privacy Type. To know which will suit you better, we are about to discuss each type in detail.

First is the Shadowboxing type. In this type of Cedar wood fence, the wood planks are fixed together on the sides while facing alternate directions, so both the front and the back sides of the planks are visible. This is not the best in giving the greatest privacy because it leaves gaps in between. However, this looks fancier that the other.

The other type is the Standard Privacy Type. With this one, it is also joined on the sides, but it faces only one direction. For those looking for complete privacy, we can guarantee that this will satisfy your need. This type can certainly ensure that you will enjoy your barbecue nights and playtime with your kids in private.

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