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Property owners have this common misconception that good looking and quality feces cost a fortune. Little do they know that you can actually get these qualities at a very affordable price. Behold, the Simtek fences. We at the Rockford Fence Company believe that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for security.

These fences are a favorite among property owners because it is very stylish. The Simtek fences, which are also called Allegheny Fence or Sherwood Fence, is fairly new in the market. For those who are unfamiliar, this type is made of plastic with galvanized steel inside for support. This fence is engineered to be durable, beautiful, and affordable, all the same time. So, no need to worry about hurricanes, temperature changes, and other bad weather conditions that you think will damage your fences.

Yes, we said affordable. The average price for this fence is around $2500. But depending on the type, style, and size, it can be as low as $1800 to as high as $4500. This cost is inclusive of materials, which are about $5 to $25 per foot, and installation fee, which is $15 to $25.

This is well-loved by clients because apart from the price and the quality, we also offer customization services. Normally, our clients prefer their Simtek fence in either brown, beige, or red. However, majority of them still prefer white. Meanwhile, for clients who prefer an elevated look, they can also opt to use different textures.

Simtek fences has three types for property owners to choose from. These types include Simtek Ecostone style, Simtek Ecostone privacy fence, and Bufftech Sherwood privacy fence. The detailed information about each one can be discussed during consultation.

We are a trusted fence company here in Rockwood, and over the years, property owners continuously trust us. Call us at 815-396-6744.

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