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Commonly, tennis courts are nuisance for residential areas. Since the sport makes use of a ball and a racket, balls tend to fly far. For some, it gets into another person’s backyards. On unfortunate events, it even causes damage such as broken window. To avoid annoyance for surrounding homeowners, these tennis court fences can perfectly help you out.

So that the tennis balls stay within the court, the tennis court fences should fit into the court. It should be in the perfect size; not bigger, not smaller. It is also of utmost important for fences to be durable to be able to sustain the force of a tennis ball in play. Aside from the possibility that the ball may travel great lengths, a tennis ball may also hurt players and spectators. To ensure that everyone in the premises are safe, the tennis court fence can definitely do the job.

Here, at the Rockford Fence Company, we can guarantee that our materials are of superb quality. We can certainly say that our fences can endure the force of the tennis ball. Our fences are low maintenance and can last for a good amount of time without needing replacement. These tennis court fences will not rust because our materials are galvanized. Surely, hassle-free.

Depending on what you need, our tennis court fences comes in different materials such as wood, vinyl, chain link, and Simtek. We want to cater to as much clients as possible, and so we make sure that we offer lots of choices. Aside from that, we also allow our clients to customize the color of their fences. Regularly, patrons prefer black tennis court fences for the sophisticated look. However, if you have bolder color choices, we can surely accommodate your request.

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Tennis Courts Fence Installation Rockford